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Hi, I'm Michelle

Michelle Hutchins


Raised in Southern Maine in the town of York (pop. c. 5000 in 1968), I graduated York High School in 1986. After attending Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, I transferred to Humboldt State University in 1989.  In 2011, I left Humboldt County to be a principal and superintendent of Mountain Valley Unified and did the same in Anderson Valley. In 2018, when the County Superintendent seat opened, I ran and became the first woman elected.


With 28 years in education as an art and technology teacher, director of adult and alternative programs, a university instructor, a principal, and a district superintendent in two rural school districts, I was uniquely prepared to serve as County Superintendent of Schools. Although my term officially began in January of 2019, I was sworn on an interim basis in October of 2018. 

In my role as county superintendent, I oversee the regulatory administration and educational support services for all school districts in Mendocino County. I restructured the Office of the Superintendent to prioritize informing the public about educational issues. I write a monthly column/blog and host a KZYX radio show to highlight successes and challenges faced by local leaders. 


Defy Mediocrity

I am courageous in advocating for all children, committed to innovation and excellence, and am in relentless pursuit of an equitable and effective public education system. I promote, influence, and advocate for high quality education so that our schools graduate students prepared to succeed today.

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