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Mendocino County School Superintendent

Mendocino County School Superintendent: Leading Change

As Mendocino County School Superintendent Michelle Hutchins has taken on the role and leadership position of Superintendent head first. Now, more than three years since taking the Superintendent post, the leadership skills, the results of her leadership, and the improvement across the agency are unmistakable.

Working as Mendocino County School Superintendent inherently means leading change for improvement. For Michelle Hutchins, those changes have been focused on many educational areas, from teachers to classrooms, and educating students. The examples of those changes have looked like more stringent hiring practices for teachers or more equipment, such as laptops, for students. Under County School Superintendent Michelle Hutchins leadership, Mendocino County Office of Education added several innovative programs for students.

The job of the Superintendent is not only a big one but also an important one. And those facts don't change for Michelle Hutchins as the Mendocino County School Superintendent. The good news is, she has proven to be up to the challenge and continues to lead our youth and Mendocino County schools into an increasingly brighter future.

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