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Michelle Hutchins

Michelle Hutchins: Making a Difference that Matters

Mendocino County School Superintendent Michelle Hutchins is making a difference in the lives of students, parents, and the community. Along with help from the Mendocino County office of education, the differences are also the kind that matter. It is one thing for leaders to give speeches and talk about positive change, but that counts for little when the rubber meets the road.

For more than three years now leaders like Michelle Hutchins and others have rolled up their sleeves to advocate and support youth and families. Those changes and the results of these efforts have looked like a public education system that is designed to support not some students, but everyone. That also includes programs and classes designed for the most advanced student to those who may need more assistance. And it looks like a public education system that the community, students, parents, teachers, and administrators can be proud of.

Superintendent Michelle Hutchins also has built relationships with members of the State Board of Education, Senators, and the California Department of Education. Using these resources and relationships and behind the Superintendent's leadership and efforts, classrooms have had access to increased hot spots and more laptops to support distance learning.

Teaching, educational programming, and promoting youth programs are a few of the most significant changes affected by Superintendent Michelle Hutchins' work. If the past is any predictor of the future, then the Mendocino County School system is headed in the right direction.

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