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Anderson Valley Advertiser Endorses Michelle Hutchins

On November 4th, 2021, the Anderson Valley Advertiser published the following:

"ED NOTES: Preliminary Takes On The June Election, Mendo Branch

Superintendent of Schools - Incumbent Michelle Hutchins

Ms. Hutchins will be opposed by an administrator from the Ukiah School District, Nicole Glentzer. If there are any real issues in this one it will be a surprise. The mighty ava is sticking with Ms. Hutchins."

On November 3, 2021, the Anderson Valley Advertiser published in the Off the Record Column:

"RUMOR out of Ukiah says Nicole Glentzer, an assistant administrator for the lushly administered Ukiah School District, will run for Superintendent of the Mendocino County Schools in the June 2 election, opposing incumbent Superintendent, Michelle Hutchins. Ms. Hutchins has completed three serenely successful years in the job as superintendent of all the county's schools so it will be interesting to learn the basis for Ms. Glentzer's opposition."

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